You’ll Go Bananas Over These Tattoos


According to Wikipedia, there are five banana-centric national days each year in the US. Today, February 23 is National Banana Bread Day, which is then followed by National Banana Creme Pie Day on March 2, National Banana Day on April 15, National Banana Split Day on August 25, and lastly, National Banana Lovers Day on August 27.

Unfortunately, the #bananatattoo tag on Instagram has been overtaken by a tattoo parlour in Moscow, however I have managed to compile a variety of banana tattoos for you. There’s even some not safe for work tattoos for those of you (like me) with a sick sense of humour.

Since it’s National Banana Bread Day, grab a slice, pull up a chair and scroll through these banana tattoos.


Banana octopus by Hannah Minix.

Banana tattoo by Jay Cee Vleer for an accident prone client.

Bright and bold banana tattoo by David Cote.

Tiny banana tattoo by Dadde Stark Tattoo.

Minion banana by Yago the Bear.

Banana and corn themed pin up girls by Julie Bolene.

Abstract banana tattoo by Aaron Is.

Galaxy peel banana by Lauren Winzer.

Blackwork banana tattoo by Kamil Czapiga.

New school banana tattoo by Thom Rein.

A couple of banana tattoos for a couple. Tattoos by Rev Benson.


The internet wouldn’t be the internet without some truly wacky and NSFW banana tattoos. Look at them at your own peril.


Tattoo by Laura Murphy.

Tattoo by Kate Holt.

How banana creme pies are made. Sketch by Huka Lewis.

Tattoo by Silvia FatyTattoo Brigatti.

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