Winter Is Coming – 15 Tattoos That Will Give You The Freeze!


It’s getting chilly and the sunshine is being replaced by clouds and rain. There’s just one thing that could it even better: snow.

For most of us in Australia, we don’t wake up on a Winter’s morning to find our yards covered in inches of the white stuff. And, as one of the most expensive countries to ski in, a trip to the tattoo parlour for a snow themed tattoo is actually the more inexpensive option.

Never had the chance to build a snowman? Get a tattoo of one!

Too uncoordinated to try skiing or snowboarding?How about a tattoo instead.

Do you love the fact that each and every snowflake is unique?Use these tattoos to inspire your very own special snowflake tattoo.

Rug up, hit the tattoo parlour for a new piece of ink, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.










James Artink









Originally published June 5, 2017 –