[Vegan On A Budget] Homemade Vegan Chicken

Vegan – Meat Alternative – Two Ingredients – Fat Free – Egg Free – Dairy Free –
Soy Free – Nut Free – Legume Free – Gluten Free Option – Vegan On A Budget


How does this two ingredient vegan chicken recipe compare in price to store bought chicken?


Not only is this chicken delicious, but it’s cheaper than vegan meat alternatives AND real chicken – perfect for this Vegan On A Budget series.

Made from just potatoes and couscous – ingredients you should be able to find in any supermarket, you can flavour it with any herbs and spices of your choice.


So, how much does it cost to make 1kg of vegan chicken?

275g couscous – $0.96
900g potato – $1.26

TOTAL – $2.22


A little over $2 will yield you 1000 grams of vegan chicken. And, when you break it down into individual serves, you’re looking at less than 30 cents per serve.

A 1kg batch of vegan chicken can make:

  • 75 chicken fingers
  • 50 chicken nuggets
  • 32 chicken strips
  • 10 chicken schnitzels



Now, let’s compare this price with the price of real chicken.

1kg vegan chicken vs 1kg store bought chicken

chicken fingers
$2.22 vs $11.00

chicken nuggets
$2.22 vs $10.00

chicken strips
$2.22 vs $14.00

chicken schnitzels
$2.22 vs $15.00


Two ingredient vegan chicken = good for you. Check out the macros on this.


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