Unique Watercolor Tattoos by Danny Scott


Unique watercolor pieces by Danny Scott from Studio 38 in Bradford, UK.

What I find interesting about Scott’s watercolor tattoos is that it look as the watercolor ink has been bleeding on paper, although it’s on skin. He shows great restraint to add just the right amount of ink splatters where it doesn’t disrupt the integrity of the piece.

Some are subtle, with just a slight watercolor vibe, but other pieces like the lion’s mane and the dripping Captain America shield really stand out with the added artistic flair.

Scott’s tattooing style is even a hit with the older generations. One of his clients was a 74-year-old who went to him for their very first tattoo.

Take a look at the unique watercolor tattoos of Danny Scott.



Incredible Hulk



Captain America shield


Red Shanked Douc


Iron Man


Daisy Duck

Emojis on a 74 year old client

Darth Vader


Originally published November 2016 for Tattoodo –