Udderly Amoosing Cow Tattoos


There are close to two thousands images on the #cowtattoo tag on Instagram. Who would have thought that cow tattoos were that popular?

Some people may have sinister reasons for getting a cow tattoo, while others get them due to their love of animals or because they’re vegetarian/vegan – I prefer to think the reason is the latter.

Don’t have a cow and don’t eat a cow – get a cow tattoo!


Colour realism cow tattoo.

Flowery cow tattoo by Isla McDonald.

Cow foot tattoo by Mick Squires.

Cow tattoo by Mat Schultz.

Realistic cow tattoo by David Corden.

Traditional cow tattoo by Amanda Slater with a vegan message.

Neo trad cow tattoo by Marie Cox.

Black and grey cow tattoo with colourful flower head piece. Tattoo by Luis Miguel Hinestroza.

Geometric dotwork cow tattoo by Sasha Kiseleva.

Cow and cow bell tattoo by Gonzalo Tintanegra.

Cute cow tattoo by Chelsie Harrison.

Hyper realistic cow tattoo by Amy Lynn Colson.

Color realism cow tattoo by Vic Vivid.

Traditional cow tattoo by Adri O.

Cow tattoo by Carla Evelyn.

New school space cow tattoo by Blake Cranford.

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