Travel To The Deep, Dark Depths Of Hell With David Jorquera


David Jorquera’s tattoos are for those who wish it was Halloween every day.

You may disagree, but I think horror and supernatural themed tattoos always looks best in black and grey.

David Jorquera’s tattoos are a reflection of what’s hiding in our nightmares, under our beds, in our closets…or what’s waiting for us on the other side. His work perfectly combines horror and surrealism for truly terrifying imagery. Somehow, he manages to produce tattoos that are so impressive but also horrifying in all the right ways.

If your wardrobe consists mainly of black clothing, then David Jorquera’s black and grey tattoos are the perfect accessory. Familiarize yourself with his work and start planning your next tattoo!



Abstract tentacles

Gas mask-wearing woman

Creepy hannya

Freehand creepy animal

Freehand evil form


Smoking monkey

Jason Voorhees



Originally published October 2016 for Tattoodo –