Traditional Black and Grey Tattoos by Cheyenne Gauthier


Check out this Canadian artist’s dark take on traditional tattoos.

Working out of XS Tattoo in downtown Montreal, Cheyenne Gauthier welcomes you to the dark side with her black and grey traditional tattoos.

Gauthier is fond of thick outlines and using rich black and grey shading for a moodier look. Her pieces almost have a feel of old photographs, but with the imagery translated into the simple, minimalist traditional style.

Traditional tattoos don’t need be in color, they’re just as classic in black and grey.


Beetle and moth feet tattoos

Lamb and tea cup



The X-Files half sleeve

Snow globe

Tea pot

Gentleman fox


Hibiscus and mayflowers light bulb terrarium


Baby bat


Originally published August 2016 for Tattoodo –