Torsten Malm’s Amazing Realism Tattoos


The number of online followers isn’t always a clear reflection of a tattooers work…

Splitting his time between Finland and Estonia, Torsten Malm is a European tattooer doing great things in realism tattooing. From animals, to portraits and sculptures, Malm has the innate ability to perfectly reproduce every minute detail in his work. And, unlike many tattoo artists, he actually shares images of his healed work on his social media pages. As you will see in certain images here, his healed work looks just as fresh and clean as the day it was tattooed – that’s the sign of an excellent tattoo artist.

When you see talent like Torsten Malm, you’ll agree that having only 1600 Instagram followers is a travesty which must be immediately rectified.

Check out more of his work here and then be sure to go and give him a follow.


Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie



Angel statue

Virgin Mary statue

Owl hunting blue tit birds

Girl with a mask


Barn Owl

Baby gorilla WIP



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