Top 40 ‘Lion King’ Tattoos


I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard the news about The Lion King. I can’t help that be sceptical when Hollywood decides to remake a movie I love, because it always just feels like they’ve run out of original ideas. I have to remind myself to say “Hakuna Matata” and have faith that the studio knows what they’re doing.

If anything, I think what I’m  most excited about the remake is hearing the new renditions of the songs, and to gleefully scroll through Instagram to see all the amazing new Lion King themed tattoos being produced.

I’ve already been doing some scrolling, through the majority of the 6000+ tagged #lionkingtattoo images. Unlike most cartoons or animated movies, all the characters (even a giraffe from the ‘I Just Cant Wait to Be King’ song) can be found in some form in the tattoos posted.

Now, while there are so many incredible Simba tattoos to choose from, I wanted to present you with a varied selection. Even if you’re a monster (kidding!) and like the murderous Scar and his hyena sidekicks, you too will find some tattoo inspiration below.

Are you contemplating a Lion King tattoo? Would you get one now, or wait until Disney releases the new movie?

The Lion King remake is due for release in 2019, 25 years after the original hit cinemas. Since we’ve still got a long wait, feel the love tonight and go on a Lion King tattoo safari…







Julia Zombi



Jackie Huertas

Lou Wolgast










Enoc de la Roch








Jackie Huertas


sleeve WIP @tomtaittattoos

Jackie Huertas


Holly Marie

Ricky Carr


Jerred Kincaid



Jackie Huertas

Jackie Huertas

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