Top 20 Tattoos With Tattoos


Tatt-ception: when the subject matter of a tattoo is also tattooed.

Whether you refer to them as tattoos on tattoos, tattoos with tattoos, or tattooed tattoos, I’m reluctant to call this a trend because I’m not sure that it is. I don’t see people new to tattooing being drawn to this style of imagery like they have with trends in the past: dream catchers, tribal, Disney characters, or something celebrity related. A tattoo with tattoos is a representation of the tattoo community and our love of body art and modification.

I see these tattoos having a correlation with the evolution of pin-up girls and pageants. Pin-ups were a popular tattoo choice decades ago, with their beautiful faces, sexy poses and (now vintage) clothing. Things have come full circle, and now tattoos have infiltrated the world of pin-up modelling and competitions at tattoo expos – many of these women are tattooed but still rocking the classic pin-up vibe. We’re beginning to show the world the beauty in tattoos, and perceptions of tattooed females are being challenged.

But it’s not just tattoos of tattooed pin-ups that you can find in your Instagram feed. Artists such as Moira Ramone, Dani Queipo and Horitomo are putting their own spin on the tatt-ception style with their punk girls, traditional style girls, and monmon cats. In the tattoos below you’ll also find neo trad portraits, themed hands and other tattooed animals. This simple decorative element of blue linework tattoos adds that extra badass edge to any piece.

Will you take the plunge and get a tattoo with tattoos?


Tattooed pizza babe by @daniqueipo on YouTuber @treacletatts

Tattooed sailor gent by @van_ruben

Tattooed + pierced Snow White by @armslikewings

Tattooed pin-up by Jean Le Roux

Tattooed legs skin rip by Tristan Bentley

Kitties giving a tattooed butt a good massage. Tattoo by @iris_lys

Diving tattooed girl by @megmcniel

Tattooed hands fist bump by @phoghett

Hopeless romantic tattooed couple by @alex_bage

Tattooed monmon cat back piece by Horitomo

Monmon cat by Jess Martucci

Tattooed punk girl by @moira.ramone

Realistic skull and neo trad tattooed hand piece by @yogi_barrett

Curvaceous tattooed babe by @electricbritt

Tattooed barber by @alexpinnatattoo

Tattooed circus girl by @jawtattoos

Tattooed bull terrier by @genji_style

Rad tattooed girls by @moira.ramone

Spooky tattooed hand by @ebonymellowship

Tattooed kewpie by @seancbrophy


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