Top 100 Tattoo Artists (USA) – Part Four


Do you have tattoo choice or tattoo artist regret? Do you ever wish you could just wipe your skin clean and start your tattoo collection all over again? Wouldn’t it be great if we were like those Doodle Bear toys from when we were kids?

I really envy the younger generation who have access to social media and can thoroughly research tattoo styles and tattoo artists before putting ink to their skin. But us oldies shouldn’t despair, if there’s blank skin left on your body then there’s still time to go out and get a tattoo from that one (or many) artists you admire so much; maybe it’s even one of the tattooers in this series.

We’re up to part four which means there’s only 20 more artists to go. I’m sure that I’ve managed to miss some incredible people, so I invite you to leave your own Top 5 tattoo artists in the comment section below.


Freddy Negrete

Black and grey tattoo recreation of Bernini’s Jesus sculpture by Freddy Negrete


Isaiah Negrete

Brooklyn and Golden Gate Bridge mashup tattoo by Isaiah Negrete


Ben Ochoa

Colour realism Venom by Ben Ochoa


Evan Olin

Bloody hand holding a heart by Evan Olin


Houston Patton, aka Thieves of Tower

Impressive blackwork connecting leg pieces by Houston Patton


Oliver Peck

A selection of traditional tattoos by Oliver Peck

American traditional snake and rose by Oliver Peck


Rich Pineda

Billy Joel portrait by Rich Pineda



Colour realism Ozzy Osbourne portrait by Poch

Your friend ’til the end, Chucky by Poch


Evan Qualls

Neo trad coffin and rose piece by Evan Qualls

Singer sewing machine tattoo by Evan Qualls


Jay Quarles

Black and grey Poseidon tattoo by Jay Quarles


Chuey Quintanar

Alexander the Great bust black and grey tattoo by Chuey Quintanar


London Reese

Tim Burton’s creation, Jack Skellington tattooed by London Reese


Allisin Riot

New school carousel seahorse piece by Allisin Riot


Damien Rodriguez

Japanese back piece WIP by Damien Rodriguez


Carlos Rojas

Colour realism Freddy Mercury tattoo by Carlos Rojas


Gia Rose

Neo traditional lady and flowers by Gia Rose


Mike Rubendall

Traditional Japanese back piece by Mike Rubendall

Tibetan dancing skeletons rib piece by Mike Rubendall


Tamara Santibanez

Make out with death. Black and grey back piece by Tamara Santibanez.


Teresa Sharpe

Odin’s raven tattoo by Teresa Sharpe


Chelsea Shoneck

Queen Amidala tattoo by Chelsea Shoneck

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