Top 100 Tattoo Artists (USA) – Part Five


So, we’ve come to the final part of this series and the final 20 people to make the list of the Top 100 Tattoo Artists (USA). Were you shocked by some of my inclusions? Were you surprised that one of your favourite American artists didn’t make the cut?

This is just the beginning – I plan on following the same format to celebrate the best tattoo artists from Australia, NZ, Canada and the rest of Europe. Be sure to follow me on social media (all my links are in the sidebar) to be notified when more tattoo content is published here on

Keep scrolling to view today’s featured artists, then go back and look over part one, part two, part three, and part four. 


Nikki Simpson

Neo trad lady/forest piece by Nikki Simpson


Jesse Smith

‘Oppression’ by Jesse Smith

‘Pinjatta’ by Jesse Smith


Alex Strangler

Cornholio needs some TP for his bunghole. Tattoo by Alex Strangler.

Maggie Simpson all made up by Alex Strangler


James Strickland

Black and grey face and filigree hand tattoo by James Strickland


Michael Suarez

WIP black and grey back tattoo by Michael Suarez


Ry Tang

Sailor Jerry gradient portrait by Ry Tang


Shaun Topper

Burning church tattoo by Shaun Topper

Traditional back piece by Shaun Topper


Carlos Torres

Angel and horses full back tattoo by Carlos Torres

WIP Aztec back piece by Carlos Torres


Bob Tyrrell

Black and grey portrait by Bob Tyrrell


Mat Valles

Jack Torrance from ‘The Shining’ by Mat Valles


Russell Van Schaick

Start of a Moana sleeve by Russell Van Schaick


Vic Vivid

Colour realism cow tattoo by Vic Vivid


William Volz

Vampire chinchilla by William Volz


Kat Von D

Michelangelo black and grey back piece by Kat Von D


Dave Wah

Dwight Schrute by Dave Wah

Jim as Dwight by Dave Wah


Steve Wimmer

Black and grey woman and rose piece by Steve Wimmer

Woman, skull and roses by Steve Wimmer


Josh Woods

New school bear riding a shark by Josh Woods


Tiffer Wright

Variation on a lucky cat by Tiffer Wright

Opossum tattoo by Tiffer Wright


Brian Zolotas

Rain and rose piece by Brian Zolotas

Mayan glyph piece by Brian Zolotas


Melvin Arizmendi

Peter Pan and Wendy by Melvin Arizmendi

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