Top 100 Tattoo Artists (USA): 20 Fun Facts


Now that my Top 100 tattooers from the US have been released, I’ve decided to top it off with some fun facts, just like I did here after my Top 100 Favourite Tattoos series.

There was no agenda with this series. I wasn’t looking for specific styles or the tattoo artists with the most followers. Consistency, talent, and creativity were the main characteristics I wanted to find in these people.

After spending countless hours over the past couple of weeks deliberating over which artists to include in the list, it’s interesting to see some patterns which emerged during the selection process, from the names of artists to their chosen style of tattooing.

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The top 100 tattooers from the USA is comprised of 77% males and 23% females.



There are surnames beginning with each letter of the alphabet, except for I, U, X, and Y.

Two (unrelated) artists with the same surname: Colin Baker and Lindsay Baker.



21% of first names begin with the first three letters of the alphabet.

46% of the artists have a surname beginning with M, S, A, H, R, or B.



Four artists named Josh: Josh Duffy, Josh Grable, Josh Herman, and Josh Woods.

Three Mat(t)s: Matt Adamson, Matt Bagwell, and Mat Valles.

Three Pauls: Paul Acker, Paul Booth, and Paul Marino.



Two Carlos’: Carlos Rojas and Carlos Torres

Two Steve(n)s: Steve Wimmer and Steven Compton

Two Jays: Jay Joree and Jay Quarles

Two Bri/yans with different spelling: Bryan Merck and Brian Zolotas



7% of artists specialise in traditional Japanese tattooing.

25% put their spin on the neo traditional style.



33% produce badass black and grey pieces.

21% have an eye for colour realism.

12% push the boundaries with new school tattoos.



7% stick to traditional tattooing.

4% enjoy the dark side to blackwork tattoos.



How many of these artists you should immediately follow on Instagram: 100%



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