Top 100 Favourite Tattoos – Part Two


If you asked me over a decade ago, when I got my first tattoo, what my favourite tattoo styles were I would have said traditional and Japanese. And, if you asked which I hated I would have quickly replied that it was black and grey realism. How times and opinions have changed. I have a traditional style rose on my knee and a Japanese (partially hand poked) bakeneko on my calf, and black and grey realism is the style I (most likely) intend on choosing for my sleeves – lucky I didn’t get my whole body tattooed back when I was younger.

After all these years watching tattoo-related shows, reading books and magazines, and scrolling through social media, I feel that I now have a proper appreciation for tattooing as a whole; no matter the artist or style. Creativity and execution are what I look for in a good tattoo, and the tattoo style or tattoo artist has little influence over whether or not I like a particular piece.

If any of these pieces catch your eye, be sure to read the captions as I’ve added links to similar posts which you may enjoy.

Once again, in no particular order, here are 20 more of my favourite tattoos…


He truly is the Deadman. Tattoo by Drew Wellington.

Don’t fear the black cat. Tattoo by Ginger Tom.

Australian king parrots. Tattoo by Eddy Lou.

Sternum tattoos are the newest tattoo trend but that’s not stopping artists from getting creative with them. Magnolia tattoo by @rzychu

Other than animals and flowers, tattoos of hands are my next fave. Tattoo by Alex Rowntree.

Tattoo by Lauren Melina.

Some call them a pest but all I want in life is to make friends with a raccoon. Tattoo by Jamie Mahood.

Vibrant lotus in space. Tattoo by @inkbysaga

If only I could sit around eating fruit all day like a lemur. Tattoo by Ashley Luka.

Kane portrait by Kristian Kimonides.

Juicy orange and various other fruits. Tattoo by Ladi Dada.

Grease really is the word. Tattoo by Sophie Lewis.

Tattoo by Kane Berry.

Watercolour eye tattoo by Smel Wink.

Tattoo by Rachel Attrill.

My sister from another mister. Tattoo by Michela Bottin.

Tattoo by Whitney Havok.

Charles Lee Ray: the one who dominated my nightmares as a child. Tattoo by Poch.

Give me all the sweet treats! Tattoo by Jody Dawber.

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