Top 100 Favourite Tattoos – Part Three


In this part of counting down my Top 100 Favourite Tattoos there’s tattoos relating to death, movie and cartoon characters, animals, silly and cute pieces, and anything in-between.

It’s a real mixed bag of tattoos, however this is just a glimpse into how my mind literally works as I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed. I’m not looking for any particular styles of tattoos or any certain imagery. I see a piece I like and I double-tap on the screen without skipping a beat, then move onto the next tattoo. In my mind I’m saying to myself how much I love a particular piece and then next second saying the exact same thing about another tattoo.

For me, I can determine within seconds how I feel about a tattoo. It has become somewhat of a problem as one piece doesn’t hold my attention for long before I’m drawn to another. Collecting tattoo images takes the social media and FOMO aspect away from it – I can now focus my attention on each and every tattoo and really analyse every aspect of it, to truly appreciate the talent required to produce such work.

Before taking a look at the next 20 of my Top 100 Favourite Tattoos, be sure to take a look at Part One and Part Two.


Chris Farley as a school bus driver from ‘Billy Madison’ who wasn’t as fond as children as he was of that damn penguin. Tattoo Brendan Boz.

We’re all just waiting for the sweet release of death. Tattoo by Mads Thill.

Doofus Rick from an alternate universe on Rick + Morty. Tattoo by Tan Van Den Broek.

Let’s do the time warp again with Dr. Frank N. Furter. Tattoo by Lucy O’Connnell.

Black and grey face and filigree hand tattoo. Tattoo by James Strickland.

The colours just pop on this traditional Japanese half sleeve. Tattoo by Tom McMillan.

Klimt inspired watercolour piece. Tattoo by Aga Yadou.

A Christmas classic and the only movie to make my dad laugh like a really, really white Eddie Murphy. Tattoo by Kyle Cotterman.

I probably would have never become a wrestling fan if it weren’t for The Undertaker. Tattoo by Alex Vance.

I know I’ve already featured a raccoon tattoo but they’re just so goddamn adorable! Tattoo by Tim Tavaria.

A classic combo in the style that is bold and will hold forever. Tattoo by Travis Costello.

I now can’t watch Mrs Doubtfire without crying the entire time. Robin Williams (and his movies) was such a huge part of my childhood. Tattoo by Dean Berton.

If only we could get away with the things Stone Cold Steve Austin did to his boss. Tattoo by Dan Molloy.

Storm in a tea cup. Tattoo by Alex Rowntree.

Sultry Medusa tattoo by Miss Kimberley.

Tigers are such beautiful creatures. Tattoo by Pepa Heller.

This orca tattoo brings back memories of watching Free Willy as a kid. Tattoo by Izzet Abatlevi.

Geese aren’t one of my favourite animals but I just think this watercolour tattoo is quite beautiful. Tattoo by Shenna Audenaerd.

When the worlds of Disney Princess and Beavis + Butthead collide. Tattoo by Alex Strangler.

It’s a little weird, but I have a thing for extinguished candles. Tattoo by Jens Bergstrom.

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