Top 100 Favourite Tattoos – Part One


So far I’ve had an exciting Easter break – I spent Good Friday completing a long overdue reorganisation of my computer. There was the filing of documents, deleting of items, and and the thing I was dreading most: sorting through all of the tattoo images – all 8000 plus of them.

After producing over 300 articles for Tattoodo and collecting images for hundreds more future posts, I had tattoo image files seemingly everywhere on my computer. It was pure laziness on my part not to correctly file them as I collected them all, and I could have easily deleted the ones I no longer needed, but something made me spend the entire day (and I mean entire day) filing them all into over 700 folders for future referencing. Then, I just had to make the task even more arduous by deciding the select my top 100 favourite tattoos.

Rather than it being a completely pointless task, I thought I would share all 100 tattoos with you over the following week. And, just to be clear, these aren’t the top 100 of any tattoos ever produced, but rather the top 100 tattoos of the thousands of images I have collected. I didn’t choose any type of theme, or any particular artists, nor did I favour any certain tattoo style – these are the ones which caught my eye. They’re in no specific order, but here’s the first 20…


Brushtail possum by Clare Clarity

Other than Gizmo, Daffy is my next favourite mogwai – one I want tattooed on me at some stage. Daffy tattoo by Ben Kaye.

Fox and flowers tattoo by Ebony Mellowship.

Always. Gravestone by Kaitlin Greenwood.

90s teen movies were the best. Jawbreaker tattoo by Chelsey Hamilton.

Michael Myers tattoo by Ron Russo.

I’m not sure what it is – the simplicity, the colours, or the meaning you can draw from the piece, but I love it. Tattoo by Kane Berry.

One cannot be an Undertaker fan without also being a fan of Paul Bearer. Tattoo by Graeme Burke.

I’m a self-confessed cat person, however, as an animal lover there’s something so sweet about this dog portrait. Tattoo by Tye Harris.

Sheep’s revenge – a nice reversal on the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Tattoo by Nathan Evans.

Tattoo by Scott Garitson.

When searching through all my tattoo images, my eyes were always drawn to the piece – the colours, the composition, it all works. Tattoo by Jasmin Austin.

Truth. Tattoo by Lauren Melina.

I don’t know if this is a portrait of a real person, but it’s rather striking and I enjoy tattoo imagery with tattoos. Tattoo by Jason Baker.

They Live = one of my all-time favourite movies. Tattoo by Cory Waugh.

Arts + crafts and cats = two of my favourite things in one piece. Tattoo by Sophie C’est la Vie.

Always watching. Tattoo by Florencia Gonzalez Tizon.

I want to see more art nouveau influence in tattooing. Tattoo by Jamie August.

Direct from the mind of Tim Burton. Tattoo by Pony Lawson.

I’m no fan of Jack the Ripper, but I like this piece. Tattoo by Mark Lonsdale.

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