Top 100 Favourite Tattoos – Part Four



Teenagers growing up now probably don’t understand how drastically different the tattoo industry was even just ten short years ago. Technology has opened our eyes to the tattoo industry as a whole. Rather than simply going to whichever tattoo shop is closest to home, or taking tattoo artist suggestions from which few friends had ink, we can venture online where there is a plethora of information.

There’s something more fun and satisfying about finally finding the perfect artist for a tattoo. However, it does sometimes come with disappointment. While social media is helpful, tens or even hundreds of people have the same opinion when it comes to that tattoo artist you think is so great, and it’s damn near impossible to get a booking. At least we can look on from afar. And that’s just what I’ve been doing these past five years as I’ve still yet to break my no-tattoo streak.

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Cervena Fox tattoo by Chris Block.

Tim Burton’s Batman movies were always my go-to video rental as a child. I loved everything about the villains and I had this weird crush on Michael Keaton. Tattoo by Pony Lawson.

Tattoos are the new clothes. Tattoo by Whitney Havok.

This black and grey piece by Beau Parkman is smokin’ hot.

I sure could use an elixir to get me through a really tough day. Tattoo by Lou Wolgast.

The precision of lettering paired with brushstroke watercolour elements is so aesthetically pleasing to me. Tattoo by Marc Durrant.

I always look forward to the next rubber ducky creation from Steven Compton. It’s such a fun and inventive concept.

Tattoo of a tattooed pin-up. What’s not to love about this modern take on old school pin-up tattoos? Tattoo by Jean Le Roux.

These are the kind of Australian-themed tattoos that I want to see more of. Tattoo by Tan Van Den Broek.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I saw Under Siege (unwillingly) as a child. This tattoo at least provides some much needed humour. Tattoo by Brodie Pedersen.

If I ever get my hands tattooed I want something badass like this skull. Tattoo by Levi Barnett.

I don’t know what it is, but I like the idea of light bulb tattoos – see what I did there? Tattoo by Poch.

The neo trad style and animals are, in my opinion, the perfect tattoo pairing. Ocelot tattoo by Tim Tavaria.

I have a weird fascination with hammerhead sharks and this neo traditional piece doesn’t fail to impress. Tattoo by Jasmin Austin.

With the amount of shit wrestling fans cop, if you’re going to get a wrestling tattoo, choose your artist wisely. With an awesome portrait like this, the opinions of the haters no longer matter. Tattoo by Jason Baker.

The typeface, the placement, and the artist = the holy trinity of lettering tattoos. Tattoo by Sam Taylor.

Lettering tattoos are an artform within themselves. Tattoo by Sam Taylor.

Illustrative watercolour done right. Tattoo by Adrian Bascur.

Floral tattoos are even more beautiful in blackwork. Tattoo by Lauren Jayne Gow.

Everything is cuter in kewpie form. Edward Scissorhands by Stacey Martin Smith.

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