Top 100 Favourite Tattoos – Part Five


We’ve come to an end of counting down my top 100 favourite tattoos. Which tattoo is your favourite? Can you pick a favourite?

Before looking at the final 20 images, be sure to go back and take a squiz at parts one, two, three and four. Enjoy!


They live among us. Tattoo by Anrijs Straume.

This piece may make you think twice about shaking a person’s hand. Tattoo by Insamnia.

A quite creative Deadpool tattoo by Karl Marks.

A lovely black and grey sacred heart tattoo by Ellie Thompson.

I absolutely LOVE the look of palm tattoos. Flower of life tattoo by Whitney Havok.

None other than the Springwood Slasher. Tattoo by Khail Aitken.

Adorable red panda tattoo by Eddy Lou.

Hocus Pocus tattoo by Emily Rose Murrary.

Black ad grey horror themed leg sleeve by Levi Barnett.

The Undertaker and Mankind as Japanese ghouls. Tattoo by Richie Blackheart.

One of my all-time favourite horror movie deaths is in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Tattoo by Mick Squires.

Simple linework tattoos can look just as beautiful as detailed pieces. Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame.

Cute little mouse wearing a flower crown. Tattoo by Lydia Hazelton.

Sea otters are the cutest. Tattoo by Cree McCahill.

Neo traditional planchette tattoo by Jeff Snow.

Stunning hyper realism piece by Kobay Kronik.

Swans and skull black and grey black piece by Benjamin Laukis.

The scariest twins you’ll ever meet. Tattoo by Pete Larkin.

Bright and colourful watercolour tattoo by Samantha Vail.

Neo trad all seeing eye tattoo by Cree McCahill.

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