These Deadpool Tattoos Are The Shit


I remember watching Ryan Reynolds back in the day on 2 Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place – almost 20 years ago. Boy does that make me feel old.

Upon first watching Deadpool I knew absolutely nothing about the character. Superman, Spiderman, Batman – those are the comic book characters I know, from movies both old and new. So, I went into the movie unaware of how Deadpool should be portrayed and wound up loving it.

I try to imagine Deadpool being played by someone else and nobody feels right. There’s just something about Ryan Reynolds’ voice, his delivery, how he talks and exudes this certain kind of charisma that just feel so suited to the role – especially in the moments where he breaks the fourth wall. But, then again, these opinions are coming from someone who doesn’t know the origins, the story lines, the humour of the Deadpool character from comics.

You may not be able to take my comments on the movie seriously, but I’m sure you will agree that these Deadpool tattoos are literally the shit, in the best way possible. If Wade Wilson/Deadpool were real, I like to think that he would reveal in the fact that there’s three times as many Deadpool tattoos than there are Wolverine



Alex Noir

Ryan Tews

Kev Lomax

Michela Bottin

Artist Unknown

Ryan Tews

Broc Piazza


Mikey Lo

Eathan Langford

Karl Marks

Poch Tattoos

Enrik Dispert

Scott Massa

Jackson May


Johnboy O’Sullivan

Jamie Hawkes


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