These Are The Droid Tattoos You’re Looking For


The original droid duo, R2-D2 and C-3PO have some competition from BB8 in the tattoo stakes. Having only just been introduced into the Star Wars franchise in 2015’s The Force Awakens film, BB8 is fast-becoming a favourite droid of many.

Being constructed of metal, droid tattoos pose quite a challenge to even the most talented tattooer, but somehow they manage to take matte colours and make them appear metallic on the skin; the C-3PO tattoos are an excellent example of this.

This selection of 20 droid tattoos range from literal realism recreations to the down-right ridiculous, once again demonstrating how humour and wacky ideas translate to ink on skin.

If you like R2-D2, C-3PO, or BB8 and are a fan of body art, then these are the droid tattoos you’re looking for…


Colour realism C-3PO tattoo by @audie_tattoos.

BB8 tattoo by @chase_tattoos.

If C-3PO got tattooed he might look something like this. Tattoo by @lobaotattoo


Did you know C-3PO is a Michael Jordan fan? Here he is dunking BB8 in space. Tattoo by @bubutattooine.

BB8 tattoo by @tattoosbynickp.

Impressive colour realism C-3PO and R2-D2 tattoos by @joshbodwell.

R2-D2 and C-3PO as some delish sweet treats. Tattoo by @teawulfe.

C-3PO caught red handed by @lu_skywalker.

R2-D2 wearing Minnie Mouse ears after spending the day at Disney World. Tattoo by @samwhiteheadtattoos.

Perfect colour contrast between BB8 and @stickypop client’s existing rose tattoo.

The Star Wars droid favourites. Tattoo by @joshbodwell.

Gentleman C-3PO tattoo by @4ndy_w4lker.

R2-D2 projecting Princes Leia’s video message. Tattoo by @erinodea.

Watercolour BB8 tattoo by @clare_lala_tattoo.

Double exposure Princess Leia/R2-D2 tattoo by @teenheartstattoos.

R2-D2 and BB8 tattoo by @perjtattoo.

There’s no love for C-3PO in this tattoo by @peterjlarkinthethird.

Traditional style R2-D2 and flowers piece by @jussikokkarinen.

BB8 dodging a Tie Fighter. Tattoo by @isaac_tinajero12.

@sparks_electrictattooing spreading the BB8 love with this tattoo.

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