The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But These Wintry Tattoos Are Delightful

If you’re a frequent visitor to the blog then you already know my disdain for Australian Summers. We’re only halfway through the season, so I’ve been spending many a day daydreaming about living elsewhere in the world. As much as I can understand the frustrations of snow, with all the shovelling and plowing, I never tire of seeing images of homes, gardens and landscapes blanketed in the white stuff.



We’re set to have two days in the high 30s here in Melbourne, and rather than complaining about the heat, I’m thinking about all things snowy, icy, and wintry. I’m not alone when it come to a love and appreciation of the snow; there’s thousands of tattoos online, on the #wintertattoo, #snowtattoo, and #snowflaketattoo Instagram hashtags.

For today’s post I’ve selected a mix of snow-themed tattoos celebrating the icy weather conditions, and animals who live in the cold all year round. If you’re still undecided about your feelings of Winter, these tattoos might just sway you.

Be sure to click on the links in the captions to discover even more tattoos!


Puffin by John Mendoza

Snowman by @joshhermantattoo

Black and grey snowflakes by @littlenicktattoo

Ice skate by @sarahsparxxtattoos

Snow globe by @vrendobruno

Penguin by Chad Koeplinger

Cabin in the snow by @sillysilje

Snowflake galaxy by @timit_tattoos

Traditional winter themed tattoo by @nickadamtattoo

Snowboard til death by @hosk_rodriguez

Snowman by @scottymun

Snowflake palm tattoos (3 years healed) on Monami Frost, by @walkerx

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