The Very Best of Australian Tattooing


From tattoo studios to individual artists, Australia is bursting with insanely talented tattooers. As a follow up to my post about alternate Aussie-themed tattoo ideas, instead of celebrating the beauty of the country and its flora and fauna, it’s time to appreciate and the showcase the talent of Australia’s hard-working tattoo artists.

Keep scrolling to check out the very best of Australian tattooing…


10 of Australia’s Best Color Realism Tattoo Artists

If you prefer your realism tattoos in full blown color rather than black and grey, then these Aussie tattooers should be on your radar.


11 Australian Artists Doing Traditional Japanese Tattoos Justice

From one-off pieces to leg and arm sleeves, back pieces, and even body suits – these tattooers can do it all.


Australia’s Best Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists

These artists even rival some of the world’s best!


Top 10 Australian Black and Grey Realism Tattoo Artists

Welcome to the dark side of Australian tattooing…


Teneile Napoli: Australia’s Queen of Black and Grey Realism

Tattoo artist, studio owner and model – Teneile Napoli is Australian tattoo royalty.


Meet the Artists: The Black Mark Tattoo Studio

Could this be Melbourne’s best tattoo studio?


Meet the Artists: Little Tokyo Temple of Art

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s more to this studio than traditional Japanese tattoos.


Meet the Artists: Third Eye Tattoo Studio

Feast your eyes on the work produced by this Melbourne tattoo studio.


Meet The Artists: FLT Tattoo Studio

This all-female crew from Newcastle are eager to tattoo you!


Meet The Artists: Garage Ink Tattoo Studio 

In a city known for its sun, sand and surf, the artists at Garage Ink Tattoo are all about the black and grey.

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