The Unique Graphic Watercolor Tattoos of Carola Deutsch


There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the impressive work of this Austrian tattooer.

Carola Deutsch’s tattoos are a collection of ideas and images combined with various styles and ink application techniques, creating these truly unique tattoos no one else in the world will have. All her pieces have elements of the sketch, graphic and watercolor styles to varying degrees. You’ll find brushstrokes, ink splatters, bold and precise linework, and some trash polka influence which results in these wonderful tattoos.

She doesn’t just create art on skin – Deutsch works with a range of mediums, sharing her projects on Instagram. Her work is a true expression of the progression of modern electric tattooing as an art form. If you’re looking for a new take on tattoos, be sure to check out her pieces.



Graphic watercolour heart piece

Batman Begins


Da Vinci themed half sleeve


Hot air balloon

Mountain calf pieces


Crocodile Dundee

Swallow back piece

Swing dancing themed themed tattoo

Client’s grandpa



Originally published December 2016 for Tattoodo –