The Ultimate Tattoo Artist Directory

4ndy_w4lker Andy Walker New School / Neo Traditional / Pop Culture
aarondellavedova_art Aaron Della Vedova Large Scale Colour /
Styled Realism
aaron_hingston Aaron Hingston Traditional
aaronistattoo Aaron Is. Blackwork / Geometric
aaronriddletattoos Aaron Riddle Neo Traditional
abadgertattoos Alice Badger Neo Traditional
abbiewilliamstattoo Abbie Williams Neo Traditional
abbywilliamstattoo Abbylyn Williams Neo Traditional
adansanchez_ Adan Sanchez Black + Grey
ademtattoo Artbyadem Realism
(predominantly Black + Grey)
adrianbascur Adrian Bascur Abstract / Watercolour
adrimetric Adrimetric Blackwork
agattattoo Artemijs Saveljevs Abstract / Realism
agracie Amanda Grace Leadman Traditional
aimeebrayart Aimee Bray Neo Traditional
aimeecornwelltattoo Aimèe Cornwell Styled Realism
aimeeloutattoo Aimée Lou Neo Traditional
akostattoo Akos Tattoo Neo Traditional
alanferiolitattoo Alan Ferioli Neo Traditional
albertobalboatattoo Alberto Balboa Traditional / Japanese
alberto_marzari Alberto Marzari Realism / Miniature
alexandergrim Alexander Grim Blackwork
alexander_kroll_ Alexander Kroll Realism
alexander_slobodyan Alexander Slobodyan Realism
alexandyrvalentine Alexandyr Valentine Blackwork / Miniature
alexbawntattoo Alex Bawn Blackwork
alex_rattray_ink Alex Rattray Realism (predominantly Colour)
alexrusty Alex Rusty Japanese
alex_tabuns Sasha Tabuns Blackwork
alicerules Alice Carrier Neo Traditional / Botanical
alijika_tattoo Danilovic Oleg Abstract
alimanners Alison Manners Neo Traditional
alisonwanders Ali Blackwork / Neo Traditional
alliealreadytattoo Allie Already Neo Traditional / Styled Realism
allyriley Ally Riley Neo Traditional
almagrotattooer Almagro Tattooer Traditional
_alvarito_tattoo Alvaro Alonso Neo Traditional
amandawachob Amanda Wacob Abstract / Miniature
amberjanetattoo Amber Elliott Blackwork
amirhusky Amir Husky New School
amylynn.colson Amy Lynn Colson New School
amy_unalome_tattoo Amy Blackwork / Hand Poked
amyvsavage Amy Savage Blackwork
amzkelso Amelia Kawaii / Neo Traditional
andrea_deriu_tattooartist Andrea Deriu Realism
andresinkman Andres Black + Grey Realism /
Neo Traditional
andrewsmithtattoo Andrew Smith Realism
andrewtattoo13 Andy Timmins Traditional
angeliquegrimmtattoo Angelique Grimm Black + Grey Realism
ange_tattoo Ange Neo Traditional
annitamaslov Annita Maslov Tattoo Blackwork
anspham Blackwork
anthonyromerotattooer Anthony Romero Black + Grey
antikorpo Andrea Lanzi New School
antoine_larrey Antoine Larrey Blackwork
antonyflemming Antony Flemming Neo Traditional
anunnakitattoo Laura Anunnaki Kawaii
artelius_tattoo Sanna Artelius Neo Traditional
artistchocolatethunder Luke Naylor Realism (predominantly Colour)
artistictorture Mulie Addlecoat Japanese / Origami
artofgunnar Gunnar New School
artoftucker Tattoos by Tucker Lettering
ashleighbrombal Ashleigh Brombal Neo Traditional
ashleyluka Ashley Luka Neo Traditional
atelierfrecherdachs Tim Lemper Neo Traditional
atelierkaninchenbau Rebecca Bertelwick Neo Traditional
audeladureeltattoobysandry Sandry Riffard Realism
(predominantly Black + Grey)
avalontattoo Avalon Todaro Traditional
awesomehogan Wes Hogan Realism
azamp_ A. Zamp Traditional
babyknowles Adam Knowles Neo Traditional / Styled Realism
balazsbercsenyi Balazs Bercsenyi Black + Grey / Blackwork / Miniature
bambi_tattoo_art Bambi Bambs Blackwork / Neo Traditional
baronvonphil Phil O’Gurk Blackwork
baudnach Baud Nach Blackwork / Fineline
bcourtstattooer Brendan Courts Traditional
beau_parkman_tattoo Beau Parkman Black + Grey
beautattoo beautattoo Neo Traditional / Pop Culture
beccagennebacon Becca Genné-Bacon Traditional
bef_tattooer Spiros Befanis Black + Grey
beneatattoo Victoria Benea Colour Realism / Neo Traditional
benji_roketlauncha Benji_Roketlauncha Black + Grey
benjit73 Benji Tobin Traditional
benlopezart Ben Lopez Abstract / Blackwork
bennet_hampson Traditional
ben_ochoa Ben Ochoa Colour Realism
ben_ogrady_tattoo Ben O’Grady Tattoo Japanese
benrorketattoo Ben Rorke Traditional
bensmithtattoo Benjamin Smith Black + Grey / Neo Traditional
betsywets Betsy Butler Neo Traditional
bigmeas Big Meas Lettering
bjbetts BJ Betts Black + Grey / Lettering
blackmagicjake Jacob Wiman Black + Grey / Neo Traditional / New School
blackshadowstattoos Carlos Aguilar Black + Grey / Horror
blakstuff Danny Potter Traditional
bmerck_ink Bryan Merck Realism
bobbycupparotattoos Bobby Cupparo Abstract / Realism
bock_city Alex Bock Neo Traditional
bodie_oleary_tattoo Bodie O’Leary Traditional
bodyillustration Fliquet Renouf Blackwork
boloarttattoo Bolo Realism
bradbako Brad Bako Biomechanical
braddoulttattooartist Brad Doult Black + Grey
brad_stevens Brad Stevens Japanese / Traditional
brandonschultheis Brandon Schultheis Biomechanical / New School
breaisbees Breah Beshore Black + Grey / Neo Traditional
brentgoudie Brent Goudie Neo Traditional / Pop Culture
brentolson_aj Brent Olson Realism
bretthayestattoo Brett Hayes Japanese / Traditional
brettrosepiler Brett Rosepiler Japanese / Neo Traditional
brian_zolotas Brian Zolotas Realism
brookesteele_tattoos Brooke Steele Japanese
brunosantostattoo Bruno Santos Blackwork
bulman_tattoos Thom Bulman New School
carlatattoos Carla Evelyn Kawaii / Traditional
carola_deutsch Carola Deutsch Abstract / Watercolour
carolinederwenttattoo Caroline Derwent Blackwork / Girly / Traditional
carlosfabra_cosafina Carlos Fabra Black + Grey
carlykroll Carly Kroll Kawaii / Pop Culture
casey_tattoos Casey Charlton New School
cecilporterstudios Cecil Porter Colour Realism
chadkoeplingertattoo Chad Koeplinger Traditional
chantellethongtattoos Chantelle Thong Black + Grey Charlie Cheval Blackwork / Hand Poked
charlotte_eleanor88 Charlotte Timmons Neo Traditional
chelseashoneck Chelsea Shoneck Neo Traditional Michael Chernov Neo Traditional
choc666 Merrick Ames Black + Grey
chriscockadoodledo Chris Cockrill Traditional
chris_showstoppr Chris Mata’afa Black + Grey
chrisstockings Chris Stockings Neo Traditional
chris_tattooer Chris Papadakis Traditional
christos_galiropoulos Christos Galiropoulos Black + Grey
claramcmurphy Clara McMurphy Cartoon / Traditional
cleenrockone Cleen New School
corehlopez Coreh Lopez Realism
(predominantly Black + Grey)

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