The Permanent Punishment


Would you let a friend choose your next tattoo?
Yes? I’ll take it one step further.
Would you trust them enough to have it permanently etched into your skin without first seeing the design?

If your answer is still yes, you might just want to set your DVRs on Channel 9 for 12.30am on Thursday to record Impractical Jokers ‘The Permanent Punishment’.




On the show four friends compete in ridiculous challenges and if they refuse to do anything they’re told, they lose. Each episode the person with the most thumbs down is declared the loser and must face a punishment. On this particular episode three of the guys: Murr, Q and Sal were losers in the three-way tie. Joe decided their punishment would be getting tattooed, but he got to select just what would be tattooed on their bodies.

When you see the tattoos three of the Impractical Jokers received as punishment on their show, thanks to their “friend” you might just re-think your answer. The episode originally aired in the US back in October 2, 2014, but in typical Australian fashion, we’re only just now seeing it.



From L-R: Brian ‘Q’ Quinn, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, James ‘Murr’ Murray.

Not to give anything away, but here are some clues as to the imagery of their punishment tattoos:

Murr: What do you get when you throw a beady-eyed man out of a plane?
Q: An accurate description of my life in 10 years.
Sal: A realistic portrait of a Hollywood stars’ child.

No cheating – don’t go Googling photos. You’ll enjoy the suspense of the reveal all the more if you sit through the entire episode.

The episode is now available on the 9now website. It expires September 23, so click here to watch it now.

Only one thing is certain in this world – never let Joe Gatto choose your tattoo.