The Insane Black & Grey Realism Tattoos of Insamnia


Be drawn into the dark underworld of Insamnia’s tattoos.

Insamnia works at Third Eye Tattoo Studio in Melbourne, Australia. His work is unlike much of the black and grey work you’ve probably seen. His tattoos range from realism pieces of movie characters, to darker, bio organic imagery, with some bio mechanical thrown in there. There is human and animal anatomy, architecture and some surrealism pieces which display his versatility with black and grey.

The dark, spooky and haunting, yet intriguing work of Insamnia is sure to draw you in.


Floating city

Freehand skull

Giger inspired throat piece

Melbourne themed hald sleeve


Rib cage


Bobcat skull

Corpse Bride

Creepy face hand tattoo

Sea creature

Edward Scissorhands


Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo –