The Contrasting Soft & Bold Blackwork Tattoos Of Sarah Herzdame

Thick outlines, delicate dotwork and smooth shading give Sarah Herzdame’s tattoos that delicate touch.

Tattooing out of Berlin, Sarah Herzdame specializes in blackwork tattoos, with a focus on dotwork with bold linework.

Soft and bold are the antithesis of each other, however they’re terms quite fitting to Sarah’s work. Sarah’s use of skin breaks in her work allow her tattoos to breathe, to become one with the body they’re placed on. The subtlety and intensity of dotwork builds up various shades of black and grey which pairs nicely with the bold outlines.





Geometric blue whale



Russian skyline

Butterfly and dagger

Geometric fox

Goat head

Light bulb

Calla lily

Pussy willow

Delicate under chin linework


Sailing ship on rough seas

Wooden pen rose


Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo –

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