The Champions Of Wrestling Tattoos – Part Three


In the third and final part of this ‘Champions of Wrestling Tattoos’ series, I present you with five more tattooers with the skill to bust out some incredible wrestling-themed ink.

Wrestling tattoos are easily blended in with other traditional pieces, as you can see with Chris Jenko’s work. Show your love of wrestling without making it too obvious. Or, if the traditional style isn’t you thing, keep scrolling for wrestling pieces in a style that may catch your eye.



Ultimate Skin Tattoo

Stone Cold Steve Austin skull logo

Mankind smiley face

Ultimate Warrior face paint

CM Punk



Studio 938

The Undertaker

Razor Ramon

Chris Jericho



Kyklops Tattoo

SCSA – The Texas rattlesnake

Daniel Bryan

Ric Flair + Mankind





Breat Hart

Shawn Michaels

Legion of Doom


Richie Blackheart

Dangerzone Tattoo

Ultimate Warrior

Japanese style Undertaker and Mankind

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