The Black And Grey Work Of Painter And Tattooer David Allen


Amazing variations on black and grey tattoos from a very talented artist.

David Allen is a painter and tattoo artist from Chicago, where he works at Pioneer Tattoo. Since he does a lot of painting on the side, Allen’s same style shines through in his tattoos. I love the skillful way in which Allen adds his own flair to each individual black and grey tattoo.

The differing ink application techniques add an array of textures to his pieces. The black and grey shades can look like a painterly style in one tattoo, pencil or charcoal etchings in another, or even appear like vintage black and grey photography on his clients’ skin.

To see if David Allen’s take on black and grey tattooing is for you, check out his work below.


Japanese camellia

Alfred Gilbert’s ‘Mother and Child’ sculpture


Painterly flowers

Peter Gabriel ‘Sledgehammer’ inspired sleeve. (Work in progress)

Floral sleeve




Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo –