The 20th Anniversary Of The Montreal Screwjob – Tattoo Showdown!


On this day, two decades ago, the finish of what was to be Bret Hart’s final WWF match, before leaving for WCW, didn’t quite go as planned.

The now infamous Montreal Screwjob, which is also referred to as the Montreal Incident or, in French, Le Coup de Montréal, still leaves fans divided to this day.

Whose side were you on? Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels or Vince McMahon?



Now, as with (almost) everything on the blog, I have to make this about tattoos somehow. It probably doesn’t surprise you that there are wrestling fans with tattoos of the Hitman and HBK, but did you know that there are a few Vince McMahon pieces floating around?

Take a look at these tattoos and then leave a comment below letting me know which is your favourite!









Adam Aguas

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