Teneile Napoli: Australia’s Queen of Black and Grey Realism


Tattoo artist, studio owner and model – Teneile Napoli is Australian tattoo royalty.

Teneile Napoli has made a name for herself in Australia and around the world with her quality black and grey tattoos.

As the owner of Garage Ink Tattoo Studio on the out-skirts of Brisbane, there’s no doubting that Teneile is one of Australia’s top realism artists. She has the technical ability to turn ink into works of art on her clients’ skin.

From small pieces, portraits and large-scale sleeves and back pieces, these tattoos make Teneile Napoli Australia’s Queen of black and grey realism.


Black and grey leg sleeve

Rework of a religious piece

Seven deadly sins back piece

Black and grey chest plate

Dainty, beautiful woman on the thigh

Freehand pheasant tattoo

Woman wearing a headdress

Child portraits on the hands

Steve Nicks portrait

Black and grey floral female piece

Jim Morrison portrait

Black and grey tiger

The lion king…


Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo –

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