Sweet & Scary Realism Tattoos by Javier Antunez


Head to Tattooed Theory in the Sunshine State of Florida for some dark and creepy tattoos.

We first introduced you to Javier Antunez last Spring, but he’s been busy producing even more incredible tattoos that you just need to see.

He tattoos mainly in black and grey, with the occasional full color pieces. Some of the black and grey tattoos are made that little bit more special with the introduction of some color to highlight elements such as flames or blood.

The animal tattoos and childhood movie characters are sweet, but there’s a lot more scary characters in Antunez’s work, for those of you with horror in your hearts. No matter which you prefer, there’s something here which you’ll appreciate.




Great White Shark


Willy Wonka

Crypt Keeper

Jin Chan – Money Toad


T-800 Terminator

Freddy Krueger

Jason Voorhees



Originally published August 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/08/sweet-scary-realism-tattoos-by-javier-antunez/