Super Sparkly Tattoos by Chelsey Hamilton


Just when you thought pastel tattoos were girly enough, Chelsey Hamilton has taken them to a new level.

We all deserve a little sparkle in our lives and a tattoo from Chelsey Hamilton could be just what you need.

Chelsey Hamilton is a tattoo artist at Lucky 13 Tattoos in Alameda, California. Hamilton’s Instagram feed gives you the instant feels, as it’s flooded with iconic characters from all the Disney and Tim Burton movies we know and love. While the tattoos themselves are well executed, with a neo traditional feel, it’s the glittery effect which puts them over the top. Despite the same inks being used, this glittery dotwork technique really adds some true sparkle to Hamilton’s tattoos.

Even movie villains and horror movie characters get the glitter treatment from Chelsey.



Billy from Dead Silence

Star Wars/Haunted Mansion mash-up

Hobbit hole

Glittery fairy tale book


Evil Queen themed piece

Beauty and the Beast stained glass

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs knuckle tattoos

Coraline/Mad Hatter mash-up

Jawbreaker movie themed piece

Cowboy Rick Sanchez

Beauty and the Beast themed Mickey ears

Coraline/Edward Scissorhands mash-up


Originally published September 2016 for Tattoodo –