May The Porgs Be With You… Forever


What is a porg and why are people getting tattoos of them?

A quick scan of Google search results answered my first question: Porgs are a fictional species of sea-dwelling bird in the most recent Star Wars movie.

Skellig Michael, an island west of Ireland, was a filming location used to depict the planet Ahch-To. The puffins on the island then became inspiration for this new species of character in the Star Wars universe.



The second part of the question is rather obvious – with millions around the world infected with Star Wars fever, of course people are bound to express their love in a permanent manner.

Porgs were introduced to the public in July 2017, before the theatrical release of The Last Jedi and, just like with Pickle Rick, porg fan art and tattoos were popping up online in no time.

Despite not really enjoying the movies, I’ve always had a soft spot for ewoks. Now, while I’ve published three Star Wars related posts, I’m skipping the ewoks (for now) and moving onto porgs.  Porgs are the current IT thing in the Star Wars tattoo subculture – in 2016 it was BB8. One thing I like is that a porg is not exclusively a male or female tattoo choice, as opposed to certain other characters or movie genres; porgs are beloved by fans of all demographics.

Just a word of warning: sure, these little creatures are adorable, but just remember that a tattoo will be with you forever. Here’s hoping they don’t go the way of Tweety Bird or Winne the Pooh tattoos – a great idea at the time, but later regretted.

I can’t really say much else so let’s get on to the tattoos.