Show Me What You Got: 28 Rick + Morty Tattoos


As we all eagerly await season three of Rick + Morty, Adult Swim couldn’t resist trolling fans with their very own version of a Rickroll. Rather than depressing me about the fact that there’s still no release date for the new season, I listened to Rick Astley on repeat and scoured Instagram for Rick + Morty tattoos. Maybe this distraction was their plan the entire time.

After two successful seasons the fandom only grows larger, with  hundreds of people having gotten themselves Rick + Morty themed tattoos in the first ten weeks of 2017 alone.

Like Mr Meeseeks says “existence is pain”, so you may as well get tattooed while you’re still around.

Get schwifty or get a tattoo – either way, show me what you got!



Grace LaMorte

Lindsay Baker

Original artwork: Mr Blooshed
Tattoo: Kevin Reid

Chad Newsom

Si Houghton


Clara Welsh

Rick + Morty/Invader Zim mash-up. Artist unknown.

Kyle Smith

Landon Wierenga

Marc Durrant

Mewo Llama

Frankie Baker

Jonika Lee

Rachael Snyder

Steve Black

Josh Archer

Coralynn Rowell

Whitney Havok

Chelcie Dagger

Dan Danckert

Kenny McCarthy

Jesse Williams

Lindsay Baker

Pat Crump

Tan Van Den Broek

Jon Leighton


Which Rick + Morty tattoo would you get tattooed on your body?


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