See These Yoda Tattoos, You Must


Part of an unknown species that can live for several centuries, Jedi Master Yoda used his knowledge and experience to train Jedi, including Luke Skywalker, for some 800 years. The small and beloved green creature has Star Wars fans spanning generations, some of which are now old enough to get his face tattooed on their own bodies.

Deciding to get a tattoo of such an iconic character like Yoda isn’t unique in itself; there are thousands out there, but what matters most is choosing a reputable and capable tattooer to bring your vision to life. Create a point of difference with your tattoo by selecting an image of Yoda from a different scene in one of the movies, or by steering away from the realism tattoo style.

We’ve taken the work out of it for you by picking 20 of the best and unique Yoda tattoos. Use these as reference materials and inspiration for your own piece.

If you’re entertaining the idea of getting a Star Wars tattoo then see these Yoda tattoos, you must.

























Originally published May 4, 2017 –