Save A Turkey – Get A Tattoo This Thanksgiving


These turkeys will all be safe this Thanksgiving!

October, November and December are bad months for turkeys. With Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada and the US, and Christmas dinners around the world, millions of turkeys are sacrificed for what some consider a delicious meal.

Each year the US President pardons a turkey. This year, consider getting a turkey tattoo rather than eating one. Here are some creative turkey tattoos to convince you to save a life this holiday season.


Freddy Payne

Jacob Rutz

Chris Byrne

Alberto Santi


Sadly, even in a tattoo this turkey couldn’t avoid death. Tattoo by Jake Parsons.

Lauren Margo

Angel Bond

Mess with a turkey and it will end with the turkey perched on your skull! Tattoo by Joe Bastek.





Originally published November 2016 for Tattoodo –