How To Make Fat Free Vegan Chicken


Vegan – Meat Alternative – Two Ingredients – Fat Free – Egg Free – Dairy Free –
Soy Free – Nut Free – Legume Free – Gluten Free Option – Vegan On A Budget


You’re just two ingredients away from delicious fat-free vegan chicken. These two humble ingredients will make giving up chicken all that much easier for all you non-vegetarians/vegans out there, and will save vegetarians/vegans big bucks by skipping the store-bought chicken products.

I would never have thought that potatoes and couscous could look and taste like chicken, but for some strange reason it does! The potato keeps the chicken inside moist, and the couscous helps to bind and also gives a crispy exterior (the longer you cook it, the crispier it gets!).

Kids would love this vegan chicken. I honestly think that they would have trouble telling the difference between this and processed chicken nuggets/fingers.

Team your vegan chicken with homemade oil free oven baked fries for a completely fat-free vegan meal for your picky-eater children. At least you’ll know they’re eating vegan foods that are good for them. But, don’t just let kids have all the fun – with food this delicious, it feels so much like a cheat meal, but without all the guilt!




2/3 cup couscous
450g potatoes

optional: add any dried herbs and spices you like (onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, chilli powder, turmeric – for colour, salt, pepper)



Put the dry couscous in a bowl (along with any herbs and spices of your choosing) and then cover with 2/3 cup of hot water
Cover the bowl with a large plate to stop the steam from escaping
Put to the side for the couscous to evaporate the water, while you work on the potatoes
Peel the potato and then grate them all on the finest side of the grater
Squeeze as much water out of the potatoes as you can (450g potatoes will yield ~170g)
Fluff the couscous up with a fork and then combine in a large bowl with the potatoes
Using a large spoon or your hands (I think hands work best) knead the mixture, squeezing so that the potato and couscous become one
Shape into whatever size chicken pieces you prefer
Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celcius fan-forced
Place the chicken on a baking paper line tray
Cook for 25-30 minutes, flipping halfway through


Makes ~400g worth of vegan chicken


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Once you’ve made the basic vegan chicken mixture, get creative with it! You can make chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken burgers, or chicken schnitzels.

A single batch of vegan chicken can make:

30 chicken fingers
20 chicken nuggets
13 chicken strips
4 chicken schnitzels
2-3 chicken burgers


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