Purple (Ink) Rain – 12 Tattoos Honouring Prince


It’s difficult to believe that Prince passed away one year ago today. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s nothing at all fun about the amount of legendary performers we’ve lost in this past year alone.

My first introduction to Prince was probably Tim Burton’s Batman. It was Prince’s 11th studio album and used as the soundtrack for the movie.



The majority of the Prince tattoos you’ll find online are of his signature glyph (a mix of Mars-male and Venus-female symbols). He dropped the name Prince and instead used this glyph. That is why the media came to refer to him as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince from 1993 to 2000.

The symbol has meaning beyond the music: gender fluidity, defying higher powers, embracing imperfections (the glyph is assymetrical like the human body). This article from wired.com makes for fascinating further reading.

Whilst you can’t be listening to Prince’s music at all times, he can be there with you in tattoo form. For your inspiration, here’s 12 Prince tattoos – one tattoo for each month he has been gone.


Abstract Prince tattoo by @teddynigels

A dove and the glyph – both synonymous with Prince. Tattoo by @adrian_ta2

Black and grey Prince portrait by @lustylutattoo

Colour realism Prince tattoo by @thejorell

Prince and glyph piece by @reycontreras_

Prince portrait in @ry_tang_tattooer’s signature style.

Painterly realism Prince portrait by @roveink

A lovely and colourful Prince themed piece by @deephokum

Prince portrait by Edgar @oldlondonroadtattoos

Another dove and glyph combo, but this time in black and grey. Tattoo by @teddynigels.

Raspberry beret tattoo by @aimeeloutattoo

Prince tattoo and lyrics by @tonytrustworthy

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