Pastel Perfection Tattoos By Sam Whitehead


WARNING: Prepare for a cuteness overload!

Sam Whitehead’s cute pastel tattoos just bring an instant smile to your face. There’s something about the color palette and subject matter that reminds you of all the fun and silly things in life.

Tattooing out of Leeds in the UK, Sam Whitehead spends her days creating these cute and kitschy tattoos for her clients. There’s the usual cast of cartoon characters, animals and flowers, but even more surprising pieces like Kurt Cobain getting his pastel on.

These tattoos can cause a cuteness overload in your heart. You’ve been warned.


Kawaii poodle

Tooth and candy heart

Flamingo and leopard print heart

Pastel pug

Octopus sundae

House from UP!

Chubby lil chipmunk

Pastel flower bouquet

Hogwarts Castle

Puppy pet portrait

Little bird and flowers


Rainbow unioorn

Hamster memorial

Kitty cactus

Everyone’s favourite mogwai, Gizmo

Pair of furry pastel alpacas

Kurt Cobain



Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo –

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