No Tattoo Collection Is Complete Without A Rose Tattoo


A few weeks back I posted a blog all about flower tattoos, however roses were a notable exclusion from the list.  If you’re an avid tattoo collector, or well on your way to being one, then there’s one type of tattoo that will complete your collection nicely: a rose tattoo.

Roses have cemented their place in traditional tattoo history and they’re here to stay. There’s something so classic about a rose tattoo, and while there may be tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of them out there already, their beauty and meaning (or memory) you associate with roses outweighs any concerns you may have about them. Don’t be afraid that your rose tattoo will be just like the others – tattooers are out there injecting their own creativity to produce unique rose tattoos on a daily basis for their clients.

Whether you’re looking for something to add as a gap filler or a flower to bring a number of elements together, these 20 rose tattoos are an excellent example of the many forms a rose tattoo can take on. Scroll through them and enjoy!


Tua Musakka

Brian Zolotas


Brian Zolotas

Dave Kruseman

Marc Durrant

Lauren Winzer

Brian Zolotas


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