Nightmare-Inducing Freddy Krueger Tattoos


Back in the day, Australian free-to-air television would actually broadcast a range of movies rather than the same movie franchies over and over again. On weekends, in particular, all the classic horror movie would grace our TV screens to give us that adrenaline rush and nightmares for the following three nights.

I was exposed to the likes of Jason Voorhees, Chucky and Freddy Krueger from a young age when I spent time at my cousins’ house. Being seven and ten years older, they would watch horror movies and it was through them that I developed my love for the genre.

It also happens that us three (all women) are the only tattooed people in our extended family.  I’ve already done a post on Friday the 13th tattoos, so this time around it’s all about A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The man who could infiltrated your dreams was always my favourite villain. The movie plots were always outrageous, the deaths unique, the one-lines hilarious. However, it’s not just Freddy Krueger who still gives me goosebumps to this day. The sound and imagery of the little kids dressed in white, skipping rope and singing that song have always creeped me out almost as much.



Keep scrolling and check out these Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street themed tattoos if you dare…


A mean-looking neo trad Freddy Krueger tattoo by Jake Bailey.


A crazed black and grey Freddy Krueger tattoo by Aaron Norton.


Color realism Freddy Krueger tattoo by Joe K. Worral.


Freddy’s glove and black rose in the traditional style by Harley Fleming.


Freddy Krueger’s been taking tips from Tony Hawk. Tattoo by Ashley Dawn.


Abstract black and grey Freddy Krueger tattoo by James Donovan.


Freddy’s coming for you, but he’s as slow as a sloth. Funny Freddy Krueger tattoo by Eddie Stacey.


The iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street glove and quote. Tattoo by Nic O’Ryan.


Freddy Krueger joining his horror movie counterpart, Michael Myers in a black and grey portrait tattoo by Harlley Kirkwood.


Now Freddy’s coming for your favourite Disney princesses. Tattoo by Mia Sublime.


Don’t be fooled, even Lego Freddy Krueger has ulterior motives. Tattoo by Mike Harper.


I hope to one day get my own A Nightmare on Elm Street tattoo. Can you guess which movie this image is from?