New School Tattoos by Henri Middlemass


The Perth-based tattooer has found his niche in the Australian tattoo scene.

I see a lot of realism, traditional Japanese, and neo traditional tattooing done here in Australia, but finding a good new school artist is difficult – or it was…until now. You might need to make a trip to Perth to get tattooed by him, but Henri Middlemass is the man to see for your new school tattooing needs.

Henri Middlemass’ tattoo style could be described as a mix of new school and neo traditional. The characters, animals and inanimate objects in his work aren’t quite over-exaggerated like in some other new school tattooers work, but they do find themselves in odd and quirky scenarios, or they take on silly personas. In addition, there are some neo traditional elements with the contrast in line weights and subtle line work and shading techniques. If you enjoy fun tattoos done well, then take a look at the work of Henri Middlemass!




Toasted marshmallow


Swan and lotus

Snake and arrow


UFO and pyramids


Cigar-smoking skull

Ghetto sloth

Blazed Bart Simpson


Originally posted November 2016 for Tattoodo –

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