Miniature Single Needle Tattoos by Daniel Winter


Perfectly precise fine line tattoos by Los Angeles-based artist, Daniel Winter.

Working from a private studio in the Los Angeles area, Daniel Winter uses just a single needle to create his tattoos.

Single needle tattoos look simple, but they’re far from it. They leave no room for error. Some of the simplest looking tattoos are actually the most difficult. Luckily, Winter has a steady hand when it comes to his work, which results in these aesthetically pleasing miniature tattoos.


Clouds on YouTuber, Julien Solomita

Ying Yang

Everything is possible

Dove silhouette

Longleaf pine


Palm tree

Lettering finger tattoo

Owl and moon

Perfect 10

Pine cone


Heart on Bella Thorne

Sacred Heart


Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo –

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