Mewo Llama’s Cute Kawaii Tattoos with Attitude


The Montreal-based tattooer makes pretty tattoos with a powerful message.

All of Mewo Llama’s tattoos are straight up cute, but looks can be deceiving.

Beneath the bold outlines and pastel colors, many of Mewo’s tattoos are bursting with attitude. They send the empowering message that women are sassy, independent and can hold their own. You may view people with cute, pastel tattoos a certain way, but look a little closer because behind the exterior may lie a strong-willed and powerful individual.


Kawaii charm bracelet

Don’t fuck with this mermaid

Hocus Pocus cauldron

Donut bat

Kitty with a candy heart message for you

Cactus girl

Tiny Pokemon badge finger tattoos

Bob Ross


Donut kitty

A new take on Rosie the Riveter


Kawaii teddy and balloons

Sailor Moon chibi moon compact


Originally posted October 2016 for Tattoodo –

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