Metallic & Monochrome Illustrations by Lauren Jayne Gow


Such simple linework illustrations are even more dynamic when drawn in white or gold on black cardstock.

Lauren Jayne Gow is a tattoo artist from No Regrets Tattoo Studio in Exeter and Cheltenham in the UK. When Gow isn’t drawing for her next day’s clients, she’s sharing images of some illustration work she’s been producing.

The pieces all have a tattoo feel, with some traditional and neo traditional style to them. What makes them different is that they’re drawn in either gold or white ink on black cardstock. The minimalist and monochrome look is clean and visually appealing.

Which Lauren Jayne Gow illustration is your favorite?


White and gold woman

Gold on black panther and dagger

Gold rose

Hand holding a rose

Lake scene

Black on white monochrome designs

Rose and mandala

Tribal illustration


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