May The 4th: 30 Of The Best Star Wars Tattoos


May the 4th: a date synonymous with celebrating all things Star Wars now extends to the tattoo community.

No longer is Friday the 13th the only day of the year reserved for themed flash pieces. If you look around you’re sure to find a local tattoo shop getting into the spirit with deals on Star Wars flash tattoos.

Although, Star Wars tattoos aren’t solely reserved for this one day of the year. Every day, thousands of people worldwide are dedicating time, money, and prime skin real estate to have a detailed Star Wars themed artwork etched onto their bodies.

Being the epic movie franchise it is, Star Wars offers up a myriad of characters to base a tattoo on. We’ve selected a wide variety to get your creative juices flowing.

The likes of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are popular choices – people seem to enjoy going to the dark side. There’s romance reflected in the Princess Leia and Han Solo tattoos. Luke Skywalker, however, is not as common as some of the other movie’s heroes, but there’s plenty of Yoda tattoos to balance the good with the evil.

There was a time when people with tattoos were viewed as thugs and criminals, and fans of Star Wars were considered geeks; nothing quite shatters outdated stereotypes than someone with a Star Wars tattoo.

This year let’s celebrate May the 4th with some of the best Star Wars tattoos that the internet has to offer.

































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