Kooky Kewpie Doll Tattoos by Stacey Martin Smith


Which character, actor or singer would you get kewpie-fied?

Stacey Martin Smith’s been at it again. She’s added even more kooky kewpie dolls to her tattoo portfolio.

Realistic portraits aren’t the only way celebrate pop culture icons. These traditional style kewpie doll tattoos depicting characters, singers and actors add a humorous touch to any tattoo collection.

Y’all loved our last post featuring Stacey Martin Smith’s kewpie dolls, so here are even more for you to enjoy.




Judge Judy

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Eddie from Iron Maiden

Daft Punk

Willie Nelson

The Golden Girls

Robert Smith from The Cure



Waylon Jennings


Carmen Miranda

Dimebag Darrell

Edward Scissorhands

Marilyn Manson

Ace Ventura




Originally posted October 2016 for Tattoodo –

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