Keith Lin’s Cute Origami Critters


Animal tattoos have gotten that much cuter with Keith Lin’s origami spin!

There’s blackwork, color realism, and neo traditional animal tattoos, but the next big thing is sure to be origami animals. Despite the sharp lines and the animals being faceless, the floral patterns to resemble the origami paper completely softens the pieces. Keith Lin takes this 3-D paper craft and transforms it into cute critters that no tattoo collection would be complete without.

Not convinced? Take a look at Keith Lin’s work and you might change your mind!


origami bunny

origami dog

origami deer

pair of origami dogs

origami squirrel

origami bear

origami penguin

origami seahorse

origami deer

origami Japanese raccoon

origami shark

origami kitty

origami bee

origami cat

origami pug

origami fox

origami t-rex

origami puppy



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