Jump Into A Pile Of Autumn Leaf Tattoos!


As the Autumn leaves to continue to fall during this Halloween season, they will soon be replaced by snowflakes. Fall weather brings with it so many feels, and a leaf tattoo can do the same; except it will there all year long.

If you’re a little hesitant about tattooing leaves on your body, just think of them no different than all those flower or tree tattoos you see.

There’s so much beauty in nature, and leaves fall under that category. A leaf tattoo can be something simple or something rather intricate and wildly creative – the choice is yours.

After scrolling through these pieces, you’ll be falling over yourself to get to your local shop to get your own leaf tattoo.




Tua Musakka



Justin Buduo

Roberto Robs Bonfadini

Ricky Fish

Karl Marks


Tim Lemper


Alex Noir